The auction on TP ends later today (nine hours, 25 minutes and 20 seconds, to be precise), so I figured I needed to post a little something about this image before it’s gone.

TP might be my favorite piece in this auction. It was taken during “Oh Well”, the Fleetwood Mac tune that the Heartbreakers frequently cover on which Tom shakes the maracas. I’m pretty sure I took the shot peeking out from behind Mike Campbell’s amp stack, which was a frequent hiding spot for me onstage on the 2010 tour thanks to Chinner, Mike’s guitar tech.

I played with this image a lot in post-production. In the raw file, the crowd is much more visible and present than they are in this print. There are versions of the image in color and black & white, different crops and different highlights/shadows.

In the end, I liked the effect of Tom standing in a lone spotlight with his back to me, shaking the maracas and looking out into this abyss of darkness with glimpses of an audience in the foreground. When I got there, I felt like the image  snapped into focus. That’s usually when I know to stop tinkering.

Buy TP here.




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