TP’s View


Unlike Rider, I know exactly where TP’s View was taken.

The Heartbreakers were playing Jiffy Lube Live, a 25,000-capacity amphitheater located 35 miles outside Washington DC in Bristow, VA. I’d been to the venue at least once before, when it was the old Nissan Pavilion in the ’90s.

It was the middle of August in the South, and those outdoor sheds – with their metal roofs and cinder block walls – are like ovens once the crowds fill the seats and the band’s going onstage. The heat and humidity can play havoc on camera gear, especially lenses.

During that 2010 tour, Tom typically called for lighting director Jim Lenahan to raise the house lights once a night so he could see the audience. The crowd always went nuts when this happened, and the band loved getting a look at the packed house.

On this night, just as they wound down “Free Fallin’,” I climbed up on my step-stool in the pit in front of the stage and reached for my camera with the wide-angle lens in anticipation of Tom calling for the lights, but when I peered through the viewfinder, all I could see was a giant white cloud.

Flipping the camera around, I saw that my lens had fogged up while I’d been shooting with my other camera. Grabbing a shammy out of my back pocket, I wiped the lens dry and snapped this and one other frame before the house lights were killed.

Concert photography is like that. It’s a constant dance with the performer, lights, crowd and conditions. No two moments are ever alike. Maybe that’s why I love it so much.

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