I’m not exactly sure where Rider was shot, because I photographed this scene backstage a few times throughout the 2010 tour.

Coca-Cola in the classic 8 oz glass bottles is sacred in Heartbreaker World. They’re a must on the band’s rider, hence the name of the piece. Any leftovers after the show are quickly snatched up by the crew. I didn’t really appreciate it until about halfway through that tour, but it’s true what they say – there’s something to those glass bottles that just makes it taste better.

I can’t remember if he told me this or I read it in an article somewhere, but I believe the first record Tom bought with his own money was Playboy, the 1962 album by The Marvelettes, Motown’s first girl group. He got the money to buy the record by collecting and cashing in empty Coke bottles. I love that story, because I remember saving up my allowance as a kid in excited anticipation of going to the record store on Saturday to buy that album I’d been waiting to get. That experience is lost in today’s world of instant downloads and album streams, a casualty of the digital age. I get a little bit of that same sense of enjoyment when I find an album on vinyl I’ve been looking for for a long time, but it’s not exactly the same. The mystery’s not there.

In looking at this image just now, I can’t tell you why this particular frame was the one. Just felt right, I guess.

Bid on Rider here.


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  1. treefrogdemon

    That bottle is a work of art. And your photo’s pretty good too, Andy!

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